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Noun1.Dorothy Parker - United States writer noted for her sharp wit (1893-1967)
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IT was Dorothy Parker about Katharine Hepburn's performance in the Broadway play, The Lake.
American wit Dorothy Parker once said of a Hepburn stage performance: 'She ran the full gamut of the emotions from A to B.
Her air of detached dignity prompted the wisecrack description of her as 'Katharine of Arrogance' and American wit Dorothy Parker famously remarked of one of Hepburn's Broadway roles: 'She ran the full gamut of the emotions from A to B.
Also on This Day: 1642: The Civil War began in England; 1485: Richard III killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field fighting the forces of Henry VII; 1818: Death of Warren Hastings, first governor-general of India; 1862: Birth of French composer Claude Debussy; 1864: The International Red cross was founded; 1892: Birth of England & Surrey cricketer Percy Fender who scored a century v Northamptonshire in a record 35 minutes in 1926; 1893: Birth of American wit and writer Dorothy Parker 1932: The first regular BBC television service began.
But there was also much laughter from Dorothy Parker ('You sink into his arms and end up with your arms in his sink') to Groucho Marx ('Whoever called it necking was a poor judge of human anatomy').
Brevity is the soul of lingerie as the late great Dorothy Parker once said and when you think of lingerie only one name truly pops to mind.
Further expressions of whit and pathos came in a group of English songs including Barab's wry Dorothy Parker setting, and Haydn Wood's ineffably perfect Roses of Picardy.
Integrity and passion for words - as told by one of the magazine's writers, Ms Lillian Ross - fuelled the man behind the glossy covers that featured many of America's best writers for decades: Thurber, Dorothy Parker, J D Salinger, Malamud, Updike head the list, which under subsequent editors, including a spell by our own Tina Brown, continues to grow and deepen in its erudition and urbanity.
And who can forget Dorothy Parker who when informed that she was outspoken replied "Outspoken by whom?
Of the women mentioned in my extremely brief list, Dorothy Parker is perhaps the one who has had the greatest impact on me, especially in how I attempt to write my column and I urge all of you to read her work.
1893: Dorothy Parker, author, wit and theatre critic, was born in New Jersey.