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n.1.The dorbeetle; also, a drone or an idler. See 1st Dor.
v. t.1.To deceive. [Obs.] See Dor, v. t.
2.To deafen with noise.
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Mr Dorr said: "I expressed surprise at this since I thought it unlikely that Paisley would leave himself open on something like this.
The acquisition of Bitbau Dorr GmbH will enable Sika to expand its product portfolio.
The preoperative femoral bones were classified as Dorr types A, B, and C in 12, 15, and 7 hips, respectively.
Mr Dorr, of Fixby, joined Elland fire protection and extinguishers company Nu-Swift just before the Second World War and after becoming a chartered accountant continued being promoted until he became chairman and managing director.
Dorr does not directly indicate how he picked these particular aircraft.
Matt Keith opened the scoring before Matt Haywood doubled their lead but three goals in nine third-period minutes earned Fife the points, Shayne Stockton and Justin Fox levelling before Dorr won it.
Newspaper editor Thurlow Weed's 1842 headline "Second Shays's Rebellion" was, in retrospect, overblown, and Thomas Dorr [1805-1854] was nobody's martyr.
Now she is competing in the Swedish music competition Stream Your Dream with the song "Give Me a Sign," her own English version of the Swedish artist Tommy Nilsson's classic "Oppna din dorr.
Dorr, of Plas Edwards, Tywyn, Gwynedd, was sentenced to six years in prison at Mold Crown Court last July.
Dorr, of Plas Edwards, Tywyn, Gwynedd, was jailed for six years at Mold Crown Court, last July.
Dorr married the populist, utopian strand of early video ideologies with a gay male sensibility, and pages from his notebooks detail the uniquely queer orientation with which he approached video, including never-realized fantasy television shows such as "The Big Cock Game Show" and a "video movie" called "The Beer Bar Cruise.
Although this technique is interesting, Dorr fails to follow through on his promise that "the reader is along for the ride on a harrowing mission" (back flap).