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n.1.A pannier.
2.Same as Dorsal, n.
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Laing, whom Glover has cited as an important influence (Notes Home 165-66; Dorsel 111; "Interview" np).
She revealed: "There's a notch missing on his tail fin and the dorsel fin on his back has an extra notch.
Dorsel & Cundiff (1979), Dickson & Bauer (2008) and Funk and Dickson (2011) have concluded that student-prepared testing aids benefit students in that they serve as a source of information that students need for an exam, and students then rely on or depend on the aid, rather than learning the information and committing it to memory.
Dorsel III, LPN, correctional nurse, Marvel Green, correctional nurse, Judith Hester, LPN, correctional nurse, Beverly Jackson, correctional nurse, Jeanita Kinsey, LPN, correctional nurse, Deborah "Sue" McClure, LPN, correctional nurse
Dorsel and Rotunda (2001) estimated two models, one for player earnings and one for player scoring and found that the coefficients associated with skill varies based on the performance measure used: driving accuracy was most important for scoring; putting was most important for earnings.