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A city of southeast Alabama near the Florida border. Settled in 1885, it is a trading center for a large agricultural area.


(ˈdoʊ θən)

a city in SE Alabama. 53,820.
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Not that more glorious, when the Angels met JACOB in MAHANAIM, where he saw The field Pavilion'd with his Guardians bright; Nor that which on the flaming Mount appeerd In DOTHAN, cover'd with a Camp of Fire, Against the SYRIAN King, who to surprize One man, Assassin-like had levied Warr, Warr unproclam'd.
A more authentic tradition, aided by the geography of the country, places the pit in Dothan, some two days' journey from here.
Built using Intel's advanced 90-nanometer manufacturing technology, Dothan has smaller transistors and employs a strained silicon technique to enable higher performance headroom.
We also anticipate future growth in the Dothan market area as we approach the second half of this year.
headquartered in Albany, Georgia, and First Bank of Dothan, Inc.
CONTACT: Governor's Press Office, +1-334-242-7150; or Matt Parker, President of Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce, +1-334-792-5138; or Thomas Johnson, SVP of Investor Relations for Movie Gallery, Inc.
With the performance enhancements and new capabilities of Dothan and Sonoma and the growth of retail system availability, Intel Centrino mobile technology-based mobile PCs will become the dream consumer notebook," said Chandrasekher.
Singletary said that the Dothan operation is the only facility outside of Japan that has oxide, metal particle, and advanced metal evaporated coating technology.
Hudson, a resident of Dothan, AL, president of Alabama Coffee News(R), secured his Coffee News franchise in June 2005.
Pemco World Air Services in Dothan, Alabama, serves as the main facility for passenger to freighter conversions for Pemco Aviation.
Full details of the accord will be provided to members prior to voting, however, the IAM Negotiating Committee in Dothan is recommending a YES vote on the new contract.
Conveniently located only six miles from Dothan Regional Airport, the hotel is near restaurants and business parks to provide convenience and accessibility for both leisure and business travelers.