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 (do͞o-ā′) Formerly Dou·ay (do͞o-ā′)
A town of northern France northeast of Amiens. Under the patronage of Philip II of Spain, a Roman Catholic college for English priests was established here. It produced an English translation of the Bible in the late 1500s and early 1600s.


(ˈduːeɪ; French dwɛ)
(Placename) an industrial city in N France: the political and religious centre of exiled English Roman Catholics in the 16th and 17th centuries. Pop: 42 796 (1999)


or Dou•ay


a city in N France, SE of Calais. 44,515.
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The French army held all between Pont-a-Marc as far as Valenciennes, falling back upon Douai.
THE Commander of the Emiri Air Defence Forces Major General Hamad Mubarak al Douai said that Qatar has one of the latest and the best air defence systems in the world, thanks to the support of Qatari leadership.
BAGHDAD / Nina / Interior Minister Mohammed al-Ghabban discussed on Saturday with the governor of Maysan Ali Douai a number of issues of common concern in the forefront of the security situation in Iraq, and victories achieved by our security forces and the popular mobilization in the fight against criminal gangs of Daash.
The grisly find came after the new home owner in the town of Douai, some.
One of the newest hospitals in France, CH Douai (www.
THE one millionth latest generation Scenic has been produced at Renault's Douai plant in France in just under three years.
THE one millionth latest-generation Scenic has been produced at Renault's Douai plant in France in just under three years.
This subject is the focus of the present investigation of two panel paintings commissioned by Jeanne de Boubais, abbess of the Cistercian convent of Flines, located near Douai in the French-speaking, Burgundian controlled south Netherlandish province of Hainault.
It was commerce that sustained the city, and property in Douai was both diverse and impermanent; business was conducted on a credit basis, which left the city's economy vulnerable to fluctuations.
This year's fresh crop of festival hosts included the northern city of Douai.
It treats religious themes, sadness, death, and the author's love for her daughters and her native Douai.