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 (do͞o-ā′) Formerly Dou·ay (do͞o-ā′)
A town of northern France northeast of Amiens. Under the patronage of Philip II of Spain, a Roman Catholic college for English priests was established here. It produced an English translation of the Bible in the late 1500s and early 1600s.


(ˈduːeɪ; French dwɛ)
(Placename) an industrial city in N France: the political and religious centre of exiled English Roman Catholics in the 16th and 17th centuries. Pop: 42 796 (1999)


or Dou•ay


a city in N France, SE of Calais. 44,515.
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Maple Gold's President and CEO, Matthew Hornor, stated: "The gold market is finally showing signs of potential breakout and we have not wavered in our belief that moving the Douay Gold Project forward in a measured way during challenging times will put us in a favourable position as we aim to leverage all of the modeling and technical work that's been completed over the past 18 months.
Focused on filling up the hotel with A-listers, executive producer sales, Karim Nadim Douay will create generating aspects for the hotel.
Focused on filling up the hotel with A-listers, Executive Producer Sales Karim Nadim Douay will create generating aspects for the hotel.
He had originally intended to solicit subscriptions to publish a Catholic Douay Bible in forty-eight weekly parts.
Mr Allan agreed that getting online would show "No10 is keeping up with trends" but he feared a backlash if the public were invited to email the PM, who was once given a lesson in computers from students from Douay Martyrs School, in Uxbridge, West London.
There are Kidslingo language classes for kids aged 0-8 at Philip Baker Hall, Douay Road, Wylde Green, at Moonstone Daycare on Erdington High Street and at Just Play soft play centre in Old Oscott.
Douay, "Third-order dispersion for generating optical rogue solitons," Physics Letters A, vol.
Le refus categorique des acteurs locaux et regionaux de le voir se substituer aux schemas d'amenagement et de developpement des municipalites regionales de comte (MRC) du Grand Montreal a mene a son avortement et a paralyse la planification et la gouvernance territoriales en gestation pendant les cinq annees suivantes (Douay et Roy-Baillargeon 2015).
Nineteenth-century Catholic Canon Law specified that Catholics reading the Bible in English could read only the ( Douay Bible , which was the English translation approved by the Vatican.
Dupuy y Douay (2001) observaron que al incrementar la concentracion de Pb, el espectro en IR de la materia organica del suelo sufrio perturbaciones.