Double dealing

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Dou´ble deal´ing

1.False or deceitful dealing; acting in bad faith; deception by pretending to entertain one set of intentions while acting under the influence of another. See Double dealing, under Dealing.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
He began to suspect him of some double dealing in his pursuit of Emma.
Disingenuousness and double dealing seemed to meet him at every turn.
I follow another, easier, and to my mind wiser course, and that is to rail at the frivolity of women, at their inconstancy, their double dealing, their broken promises, their unkept pledges, and in short the want of reflection they show in fixing their affections and inclinations.
More and more I am convinced that the final solution of the political end of our race problem will be for each state that finds it necessary to change the law bearing upon the franchise to make the law apply with absolute honesty, and without opportunity for double dealing or evasion, to both races alike.
Settling down to Homeland's fictional world of dirty tricks and political double dealing helps the PM unwind after a hard week in the real world of dirty tricks and political double dealing.
AN amazing story of intrigue and double dealing is emerging about the capture and killing of Colonel Gaddafi.
DOUBLE DEALING: Shea Whigham, Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald and Michael Pitt
He said that international issues will also be talked about following Gates's accusation of Iran is "double dealing" in Afghanistan by stating that they are a good neighbour to Kabul while on some level they aid the Taliban.
SheAAEs kind of double dealing and thereAAEs a lot of twists and turns.
Having watched BBC TV series Spooks, with their portrayal of intelligence and double dealing, it's probaly closer to the mark than we really want it to be.
Straw's comments contradict a statement the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made earlier this week claiming that the trade deal and the prisoner's release are unrelated: "There was no conspiracy, no cover-up, no double dealing, no deal on oil, no attempt to instruct Scottish ministers, no private assurances."
Summary: Gordon Brown denies "double dealing" over the Lockerbie row.