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Bogeys count for two, pars three, birdies four, aces five, eagles six and double eagles seven.
Then the guide focuses on details of each type of US coin from half cents to double eagles and commenoratives, with illustrations pointing out features affecting the grade.
Named the Saddle Ridge Hoard for the area where it was found, the collection includes four $5 gold pieces, 50 $10 gold pieces and 1,373 $20 double eagles. They are in mint condition.
The treasure consists of four 5-dollar gold pieces, 50 10-dollar gold pieces, and 1,373 20-dollar double eagles. The crown jewel of the collection - an 1866-S No Motto 20-dollar gold piece - is valued at more than a million dollars ([pounds sterling]560,000).
You just don't hear about double eagles. I'm going to say that a double eagle probably trumps the holes-in-one.''
This updated edition covers all federal US Mint coins from copper half cents to gold double eagles, plus classic commemoratives (1892-1954), proof and mint sets, and bullion.
From gold dollars, quarter eagles, gold pieces, gold stellas, half eagles, and double eagles, each variety and sub-variety of gold coin is identified, illustrated, described, backgrounded, and provided with investment tips.
Colt alone has made 1911s, 1911A1s, Gold Cups, Officer's ACPs, Delta Elites, Double Eagles and many more.
Keating had a score of 32 and Rannow had a 30 in Stableford scoring, in which double eagles are worth seven points, eagles are worth five, birdies are worth three, pars are worth one, bogeys are worth zero and double bogeys or worse are worth minus-one.
At the same time, for some reason which no one could explain afterwards, almost half a million Double Eagles were being minted.
Trust secretary Maggie Fyffe said of the double eagles birth: "We hope it is a sign of a golden future.
Holes-in-one outnumber double eagles, 20-1, but double eagles haven't been quite as rare lately on the 489-yard, par-5 10th hole at Wachusett Country Club.