Double geared

driven through twofold compound gearing, to increase the force or speed; - said of a machine.

See also: Gear

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Following an ASIC review, margin lenders have moved to better address the different levels of risk for investors seeking margin loans, especially in relation to double geared margin loans.
ASIC reviewed the lending practices of six margin lenders, covering 90% of the market, and found that five of the six margin lenders approved 'double geared' margin loans.
ASIC found that in certain circumstances, four of the five margin lenders who approved double geared margin loans did not take additional steps when approving such loans, despite the additional risks associated with double geared margin loans.
Following ASIC's review, one margin lender decided to cease offering double geared loans.
ASIC's review also identified two lenders that provided double geared margin loans in circumstances where the borrower would not be able to fully service the margin loan relying only on their available income.
Tenders are invited for Double Geared Variable Speed With Long Standy Handle Equipped Boring Machine Fitted With Ratchet Mechanism To Be Able To Drill Up To 18Mm Dia In Masonary/13Mm Steel.