double jump

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dou′ble jump′

the capturing of two of an opponent's checkers in two uninterrupted jumps, constituting a single move by one piece.
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To this day, he still claims it was a stunt double jumping out of the helicopter, even though I'd been on the spot and saw what was what.
Now Jetpacks, double jumping or generally vertical combat isn't a new paradigm.
It will be more fun when you have already become efficient in double jumping and wall-running, as you will race the map end to end without losing momentum - unless of course, you get shot.
That's a minor problem compared to the auto lock-on attack, which is performed by the same control that's mapped for double jumping, leading to needless deaths.
The opening ceremony saw the actor star with the Queen in a short caper that culminated in her stunt double jumping from a helicopter close to the stadium.
Well, it gets incredibly extreme, as wall grabbing, double jumping and cannon firing all seamlessly meld into the gameplay mix, as the quick-fire levels come thick and fast.
I ended two double jumping rounds on 10 x/c time penalties.
They kicked off with a 50-dressage score and two double jumping rounds saw only six time penalties to add.
Cenkos, who won the race last year, looked all set to complete the double jumping quickly and accurately in the lead.