double jump

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dou′ble jump′

the capturing of two of an opponent's checkers in two uninterrupted jumps, constituting a single move by one piece.
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The game gives players the flexibility in mobility with three-story-high jumps, wall running and double jumps.
t] is composed of unobservable mortality Brownian motions and double jumps.
Each of their characters comes with their own abilities, from the standard double jumps, power kicks and crank turns to pigeon scaring sneezes.
Captain Jack Sparrow carries his trusty compass to find objects, and others can perform double jumps or carry more substantial weapons.
a young flight engineer's heart beat faster as he perched on his YZ450 dirt bike, contemplating the set of double jumps towering before him at a local track.
With more than five years of competitive skating under his belt, Chad has mastered all six of the double jumps and is now working on taking those jumps from two rotations to three.
A hybrid with roots in downhill, motorcross, BMX and boarder-x snowboarding, the format features four cyclists racing together down a dirt course riddled with moguls, steeps, berms, a six-foot high jump, several double jumps and a final long jump across a creek.
After he inadvertently sets the tablecloth ablaze during lunch and ruins Vanessa's sweater while extinguishing it, the jersey double jumps him into Jennifer Lynne Pucket and Vanessa into Darrell Russell in the midst of an NFL game.
Her program features an impressive series of double jumps, both alone and in combination.