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(Geom.) a point of a curve at which two branches cross each other. Conjugate or isolated points of a curve are called double points, since they possess most of the properties of double points (see Conjugate). They are also called acnodes, and those points where the branches of the curve really cross are called crunodes. The extremity of a cusp is also a double point.
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Now from this double point our research must commence, and we will begin it by presuming that what the lad says is absolutely true."
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The Formula One Strategy Group rejected the double point ruling for more than one race this season.
To launch the partnership One&Only Palmilla is offering a USD395/night deal combined with a double point offer for Elevate members with two points per USD1 spent at the hotel.
A descending double point is a non extremal point that is simultaneously lrmin and rlmax.
All these shows resulted in seven first prize cards and six champion rosettes, including Champion Bull at the Royal Welsh Show and Anglesey Show, both of which were double point shows.
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There will be 12 rounds including a joker round for double points with a raffle on the night, too.
With the Los Cabos Act valid for double points and the last race also valid for double points, the teams at the top can't let the ball drop as they push through on the final day.
Best Western Hotels & Resorts is celebrating the launch of Asia's first ever SureStay Hotel with a tempting Double Points promotion.
That tactical move was held back from the 10th heat which also ended up a home maximum as Berwick's grip on the match was rapidly loosening with the score now 38-22, as Lawson came out for double points in heat 11 to devastating effect as Jacobs gated first to lead with double-point-Lawson in second fending off a strong challenge from Howarth to the end with Jacobs just managing to allow Lawson through for six vital points in a Berwick 1-8 that threw the Bandits right back in to the mix, 39-30.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 24, 2016-Cinemark announces offering of double points to its Cinemark Connections members on Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday