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He says he'll introduce a similar bill in the next General Assembly aimed at preventing double-dipping among firefighters.
Investigators call this type of scam "double-dipping" because the claimant collects benefits for being too injured to work when he or she is, in fact, gainfully employed.
"There's a word for that: double-dipping. And they're double-dipping into our taxpayers' wallets," Accardo warned at an early-afternoon conference here.
Before Seinfeld, there may not have been a widely accepted term for "double-dipping"the social infraction, immortalized by Jason Alexander on the show, of dipping an already-bitten chip into a communal dip.
"It ends the practice of double-dipping and getting paid twice for the same job," said Rep.
But that daunting challenge will only get harder as long as pension abuses such as double-dipping are allowed to continue.
The Alabama Education Association had asked the state's highest court to reconsider its October decision upholding the double-dipping ban, but the court refused 8-0.