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n.1.(Naut.) A vessel capable of moving in either direction, having bow and rudder at each end.
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That's what you'll get with Pur Cameo Contour, PS27, a double-ender with full-coverage foundation at one end and the same formula in a darker shade at the other for contouring.
Freya was a 38-foot, 6-inch LOA double-ender with a vertical spade rudder and a long, straight keel, planked in Oregon and splined (where wedge is glued between the planks instead of caulking).
The contract will involve two purpose built or existing double-ender ferries to sail a minimum of once an hour between Spodsbjerg and TENrs with all related services.
The wedding parade drifted along some of the original 160 acres that Prince Helfrich bought in 1914 for $5,000; Dave guiding his wife, Terry, in a double-ender that once belonged to his father.
Their 67,750 ft' plant employs 70 and has five single-station, double-ender, and rotary thermo-formers for sheet gauges from 60 to 400 mils.
Single-station and double-ender machines are of one-piece construction.
During one live double-ender with a national television station, the anchor began the intro with ".
A double-ender to cut the pieces at an angle and to length.
Trygve then designed Artitra V, a 38-footer double-ender that "went like a scalded cat" downwind, with which they had another win in 1957 as well as second places in 1956, 1958 and 1959.