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a.1.Having two heads; bicipital.
Double-headed rail
(Railroad) a rail whose flanges are duplicates, so that when one is worn the other may be turned uppermost.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
To his groping hands they felt not unlike double-headed bootjacks.
“many’s the good shot, round, double-headed, and grape, that I’ve seen the doctors at work on.
TAXILA -- The recent rains have played havoc with the ancient Buddhist heritage site in Taxila as the double-headed eagle Stupa located at Sirkap is crumbling fast.
The fake presidential seal features a double-headed eagle, not the single headed-eagle featured in the traditional presidential seal, and resembles the Russian coat of arms.
The biceps femoris is a double-headed muscle located on the back of the thigh.
Shaqiri and Xhaka were fined PS7632 and Lichtsteiner PS3816 by FIFA for doing a double-headed eagle gesture symbolising the Albanian flag as they celebrated their 2-1 victory over Serbia.
The duo have ethnic Albanian heritage with roots in Kosovo, and appeared to be making the gesture of the double-headed eagle by locking their thumbs together and creating wing shapes with their fingers.
The two locked their thumbs with palms~facing their chest and had their fingers outstretched to form~what appeared~to be the double-headed eagle on the national flag of Albania.
A minority of pterygia is double-headed (with both temporal and nasal origins), and an isolated temporal pterygium is very rare [9].
A SET of double-headed platinum coins have been created to mark the Queen's 70th wedding anniversary.
TWO steam engines drew quite the crowd when the double-headed train called in at Brighouse station.