double jump

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dou′ble jump′

the capturing of two of an opponent's checkers in two uninterrupted jumps, constituting a single move by one piece.
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Movement through maps is fundamentally changed by the exo-suit's ability to swiftly double-jump and dodge, both accompanied by a satisfying pneumatic whoosh sound and cool on-screen blur effects.
As a departure from Cox, Lin, and Wang who model unanticipated mortality jumps as permanent shocks, we model them as transient jumps with a double-jump process.
To model those jumps, we assume both positive and negative movements by applying a double-jump process.
For simplicity, for the double-jump process, we assume the same magnitude of positive and negative jumps:
For each included country, the mortality model is composed of two parts: (1) a baseline component describes a country's mortality normal deviations from the trend and its correlation with other countries' mortality rates and (2) a common jump component is governed by a double-jump process.
But new control techniques allow you to now dash, double-jump, shoot up or down and grab on to ledges.
Double-jump to the high, out-of-reach areas by deploying Sonic's new "Boost Blast.
Players can direct Pep to land on power-ups that give him double-jump capability, hot chocolate that makes him move faster, a Super-Pep Cape to wear while he confronts critters and earns bonus points, and even a bonus Pep.
You journey through a maze of levels which require expert timing for double-jumps, wall climbs and slingshot manoeuvres.
The 1-mile course in San Bernardino is wide and fast, with high-flying jumps, banked turns, double-jumps, plateau-jumps and a 'land rush' start.
You are also a nifty mover, with jumps, double-jumps and slides which use the handheld buttons well.