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or dou′ble•talk`,

1. speech using nonsense syllables along with words in a rapid patter.
2. deliberately evasive or ambiguous language.
3. to engage in double-talk.
4. to accomplish or persuade by double-talk.
[1935–40, Amer.]
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No amount of evasive self-serving double-talk about personal freedom and choice can obscure this fact.
Now today he has admitted to at least two of those tax increases all over again, and repeatedly refused to rule out increasing taxes of any kind he can try to fool taxpayers all he wants, but the facts dont lie and Tonys political double-talk has to stop.
His character is well suited for the messy arena of international relations, where diplomatic double-talk often gets in the way of achieving real progress among the international community of nations,' he said.
"Enough of double-talk. If the President is now cool to federalism let him give the order to abandon the federalist ship.
These Communist terrorists do not only engage us double-talk, they actually want to double-cross us," Arevalo said.
"VQuad[TM] Dual UTA HD's Double-Talk confirmation is supported for both 2-wire and 4-wire analog.
Stallone, 70, said the studio initially resorted to a "double-talk excuse" when it was confronted about the issue, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Second, the regime has shown it is a master of double-talk, assuming that the Syrian people, the international community and neighboring states are window frames that don't hear, read or think.
HD AEC is a complex algorithm which includes noise reduction (NR), as well as anti-howling, adaptive filtering, nonlinear processing, microphone selection, gain and microphone equalization and double-talk detection.
That is, with not a whiff of the double-talk that has put us in this quandary.
"So far, we are the only party ready for such an eventuality while others engage in double-talk for the belated summoning of the electoral supervisory commission by 24 hours is regarded by the LF as unconstitutional," he said.
He also accused the opposition of double-talk and responding to the royal initiative to resume talks with more incitement, defamation and fallacies.