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Place about half cup of the dough in the center of the griddle and quickly spread evenly using a dough scraper to form a 30cm diameter circle.
Remove the entire block of bar cookies and cut into squares with a dough scraper or serrated knife.
Knead for 5 mins if using a stand mixer, or 10 mins by hand, using a dough scraper if you have one and lightly oiling your hands and the surface.
Use a knife or dough scraper to cut it into three equal lumps.
The Cook's Edition, for those who already own a pot and lid, includes an illustrated cookbook, dough scraper, baker's scoring blade and enough ingredients to make three loaves of bread.
Some hands, a clean work surface, an oven, a mixing bowl, a dough scraper or wooden spoon, a tray and a measuring jug, everyday utensils that all kitchens will have.
We did this for eight minutes, occasionally using a dough scraper to tidy up our mess.
Cut in using a dough scraper or knife until the mixture turns to breadcrumbs.
4 Scrape dough out onto a floured surface, using a dough scraper or spatula.