Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

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Noun1.Douglas Fairbanks Jr. - United States film actorDouglas Fairbanks Jr. - United States film actor; son of Douglas Elton Fairbanks, (1909-2000)
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Mr Ward, who lived in a Thames-side summer house on Viscount Astor's estate at Cliveden, arranged an unsuccessful screen test for her with Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
These include the actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr. when serving as a USN lieutenant commander during 1944 in Italy.
Triangle counted such stars as Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Mary Pickford and Lillian Gish among their formidable acting stable.
There were drama offerings like Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Presents and Sailor Of Fortune with Bonanza actor Lorne Green as the daring Captain Grant Mitchell.
Richard Greene (Robin Hood) shows Patricia Driscoll how to shoot an arrow THE mellow voices of British actors Alec Guinness and John Gielgud helped launch us into the commercial AGEHollywood star Boris Karloff as Colonel March Bruce Forsyth in 1963 during rehearsals of "Beat the Clock" for Sunday Night at the London Palladium AMERICAN stars Lorne Greene and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. brought transatlantic style to the new CHANNELS
While he holds a PI license, he basically whiles his time away in a gigantic trailer built for Douglas Fairbanks Jr. while he was making a movie.
Among the star-related auction items available for the upcoming Boylston Playground and Adult Fitness Trail Committee auction were a tie owned by Douglas Fairbanks Jr., a shirt that belonged to Colonel Tom Parker and box tickets to a performance at the Casino Club of Hampton Beach.
Everett Koop, MD; Sarah Bernhardt; Douglas Fairbanks Jr.; Marlene Dietrich; John Wayne; Priscilla Presley; Ludwig van Beethoven; Fredric Chopin; Nicolo Paganini; Robert Schumann; Richard Wagner; Yehudi Menuhin; Dizzy Gillespie; Ravi Shankar; Tina Turner; Paul McCartney; George Harrison; Vincent van Gogh; Henri Paul Gauguin; Antoni Gaudf; Presidents John Tyler, James Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and William Jefferson Clinton; Tony Blair; M.
That was followed by roles in "A Damsel in Distress" opposite Fred Astaire and "Gunga Din" with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Cary Grant.
Gable had been married to Ria, a Los Angeles socialite, for four years and 27-year-old Joan Crawford was about to celebrate two years of marriage to the suave Douglas Fairbanks Jr. The news that they were both having an affair would, Mayer knew, cause a major scandal.
His first wife was Melissa Fairbanks, the daughter of Douglas Fairbanks Jr. He is the nephew of actor Bill Travers and a cousin of the actor Penelope Wilton.