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Noun1.Douglas Moore - United States composer of works noted for their use of the American vernacular (1893-1969)
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Douglas Moore, Principal of The English Castle Language School, said that educators should take advantage of new technology to make learning fun.
The investment services team, led by Douglas Moore, executive vice president and wealth management director, was affiliated with Cetera Investment Services for more than 18 years.
Douglas Moore, Saltcoats, said: "Mike Ashley should not be allowed to put a gagging order on Rangers.
McBride states that he hopes "[this book] will encourage more research into [Moore's] life and works and further performances of his music," and indeed this book should be the starting point for anyone beginning research into Douglas Moore or his music.
Billed as a "soap opera parody," American composer Douglas Moore s Gallantry, with libretto by Arnold Sundgaard, pokes fun at the wacky, time-honored genre itself.
Separately the company promoted Douglas Moore to senior vice president and president of appliances.
AMR spokesman Douglas Moore would not discuss details of the negotiations, but said: "American Medical Response is committed to negotiating in good faith and to reaching an agreement that is fair and equitable to all parties.
The purpose of the Web site is to provide illustration of Baha'u'llah's life through photographs of places and artifacts and relics associated directly with Him," said Douglas Moore, director of the BIC's Office of Public Information.
From the early sixties comes an even more treasurable memento from her early career, when she sings the Willow Aria from The Ballad of Baby Doe with composer Douglas Moore on hand to introduce it.
Featured teachers: Carter Enyeart, Douglas Moore, Eugene Friesen, Michael Block and Andrea Schripsema.
Pro-war Douglas Moore, 65, fired at Harold Wayne Smith, 56, for opposing it.
president of retail stores; Douglas Moore as senior vice president and chief merchandising officer; and Ronald Cuthbertson as senior vice president of supply chain and inventory management.