Dover's powder

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Do·ver's powder

A powdered drug containing ipecac and opium, formerly used to relieve pain and induce perspiration.

[After Thomas Dover (1660-1742), British physician.]

Dover's powder

(Pharmacology) a preparation of opium and ipecacuanha, formerly used to relieve pain, induce sweating, and check spasms
[C19: named after Thomas Dover (1660–1742), English physician]
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Noun1.Dover's powder - a medicinal powder made essentially of ipecac and opium; formerly used to relieve pain and induce perspiration
powder - any of various cosmetic or medical preparations dispensed in the form of a pulverized powder
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18, 1890, he describes how he treated his colds and cough by sweating and the use of 'polvos ni Dover.' It was hard to sweat in the winter but he managed by taking hot tea, using Dover's Powder, wearing flannel and lying motionless under four blankets for 2 hours.
"IF you are going to prescribe Blaud's Pills," Sir William Osler used to tell his medical students, "you should know who Blaud was." What about the Dover of Dover's Powders, the Addison of Addison's Disease?