Dow Jones Average

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Dow′ Jones′ Av`erage

any of the indexes published by Dow Jones & Company showing the average closing prices of the representative common stocks of 30 industrials, 20 transportation companies, or 15 utilities.

Also called the Dow.

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Dow Jones average

[ˌdaʊdʒəʊnzˈævərɪdʒ] Dow Jones index [ˌdaʊdʒəʊnzˈɪndeks] N (US) (Fin) → índice m Dow-Jones
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The Dow Jones average is a price index on which city's stock exchange?
The NASDAQ Composite is one of the most-followed indices in US stock markets gauging the performance of the major information technology companies along with the Dow Jones Average, also known as the Dow 30, and S and P 500.
The Dow Jones Average broke into new territory Tuesday 12/23, but radio stocks followed by RBR were not able to participate as a group, largely as a result of a very rough day for SBS.
shares lost ground Thursday with the Dow Jones average stretching its losing streak to a fourth session in a row.
So if simply joining the Dow Jones average doesn't provide a price bump, why did Apple's stock respond to the rumors?
According to the consensus, the Reuters/University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index will increase slightly when it is reported on Friday, particularly given the decline of sentiment in October and the recent surge of the Dow Jones average past 10,000.
I seem to recall that the only company in the Dow Jones average that has been there from the beginning is G.E.
Even as the Dow Jones average was sliding in the fourth quarter of 2008, ACC was planning a new identity program, having redesigned the logo, graphics and marketing materials.
The Dow Jones average fell 64.11, or 0.80%, to 7,936.75.
The Dow Jones average closed 2.1 percent higher at 9,181 points.
On a day the Dow Jones average fell 109 points, the newspaper sector was mixed, with no big movements up or down.