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The method is applied to rolling 5000 trading day intervals of closing values of three Dow Jones Averages (Industrial--DJ1A, Transportation--DJTA, and Utility--DJUA) for the period 5/28/1936 to 1/26/2004, which comprises 17,000 trading days.
The Dow Jones Transportation Average, Dow Jones Utilities Average and Dow Jones Composite Average also are members of the Dow Jones Averages family.
The Dow Jones averages should be renamed the Davy Jones's Locker.
His law, which is borne out by examination of census data and Dow Jones averages for example, says that the chance that the first digit of a number in a set of data will be 1 is 30.1%, nearly one in three, not one in nine.
* Markets--regularly updates the latest events in global markets, including the Dow Jones averages, bond prices, currency prices, precious metals, and other commodity prices, as well as hot stocks and analysts' comments and ratings.
CHANGES IN THE DOW JONES AVERAGES 1962-1991 DJIA DJTA 1964 1 1965 3 1967 1 1968 2 1969 2 1970 10 1971 2 1976 1 1 1979 2 1980 3 1982 1 4 1983 1 1984 1 1985 2 1 1986 2 1987 2 2 1988 2 1989 2 1991 3 1 11 41 Notes: Because four firms added to the DJTA were formed through merger or consolidation at the time they were added to the Average and publicly traded shares of Consolidated Rail Corp were issued immediately preceding the inclusion of this firm in 1987, tests for price and volume effects use a sample size of 36.
None appear more cardboardish than Charles Dow, Edward Jones and Charles Bergstresser who created the Journal, the Dow Jones averages and Dow Jones ticker.