n.1.Feathery or wool-like down; filament of a feather.
No feather, or dowle of a feather.
- De Quincey.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
He bowed as the warning bell rang, and Mainhall whispered: "You know Lord Westmere, of course,--the stooped man with the long gray mustache, talking to Lady Dowle. Lady Westmere is very fond of Hilda."
O diretor do British Council Brasil, Martin Dowle, acrescentou: "O compromisso do Natural History Museum para colaborar com o Museu Nacional em seu caminho de recuperacao apos o tragico incendio em setembro passado e extremamente bem-vindo.
Dowle Ian (dodworth Miners Welfare) v Wayne Moseley (Dalton Cricket & Bowling), 9.
Jay Dowle, 68, has such severe COPD that his lung age is the same as someone 20 years older than him.
George Dowle, a consultant, said that he doesn't know whether or not Middleton really had to undergo the test to check her fertility.
Under-17/20 women (4.8k): 1 O Dowle (NcleUni) 19:25; 2 E Gallagher (NcleUni) 20:21; 3 A Pigford (Hough) 20:32; 4 L James (Hough) 20:39; 5 R Wren (Gosf) 20:43; 6 S Fielding (Elsw) 20:54; 7 J Levy (Blay) 20:56; 8 G Mackie (Sund) 20:58; 9 H Peck (Morp) 20:58; 10 K Duffin (Morp) 21:02.
Enquiries to Fawcett & Hetherington Funeral Service 01642 459555 DOWLE ANNE Heartbroken to have lost you, lovely lady.
Chris Dowle, Director of Biologics at CPI, said: "CPI is supporting the commercialisation of research by promoting collaboration with industry across the supply chain, from research through to manufacture and clinic.
Although Blackwood did at least take away two bonus points after scoring four tries of their own through Ben Snell, Jamie Dowle, Michael Preece and David Brake with Dowle also kicking three conversions and a penalty.
Tim Curry is Terrence, a rather condescending yet helpful toucan with a flair for colours who is distinctly English, while Kennie Dowle is a French spider.
A warrant demanding the 24-year-old from Crosby pays PS1,414 he allegedly owes his former landlord David Dowle has now been sent to the Big Brother House.