Down draught

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a downward draft, as in a flue, chimney, shaft of a mine, etc.

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With this permission Sancho settled himself as comfortably as he could on his beast, and taking out of the alforjas what he had stowed away in them, he jogged along behind his master munching deliberately, and from time to time taking a pull at the bota with a relish that the thirstiest tapster in Malaga might have envied; and while he went on in this way, gulping down draught after draught, he never gave a thought to any of the promises his master had made him, nor did he rate it as hardship but rather as recreation going in quest of adventures, however dangerous they might be.
The use of down draught to blow the two men to safety was unusual and risky, an air support officer said.
Sergeant Lee said: 'It is unusual to use the down draught like this but unfortunately incidents around the river are fairly common.