Down the country

toward the sea, or toward the part where rivers discharge their waters into the ocean.

See also: Down

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Intervening trees at that moment shut her from view, and Swiftwater Bill plunged into the problem of disposing of their constable, while Daylight, leaning back with closed eyes, was still seeing Dede Mason gallop off down the country road.
He thought about a great many things--about his present troubles and past days of bachelorship, and about the Lincoln greens, long since dispersed up and down the country, no one knew whither: with the exception of two who had been unfortunately beheaded, and four who had killed themselves with drinking.
The president of the union came out of his cell a ruined man; but also he came out a Socialist; and now for just ten years he had been traveling up and down the country, standing face to face with the people, and pleading with them for justice.
I was not the man to touch the Commons, and bring down the country.
There is one whole department which does nothing else but hunt them, and catch them, and break them in, and send them up and down the country as they are needed for work.
We have council leaders down the country, are in the contacting councillors, their support Nick Ryan A spokesman for the campaign group says there is huge 'voter drop off' due to changes the Government is rushing through to a system called IER (Individual Electoral Registration).
Like Nero the ancient Roman tyrant, Michel Aoun seems qualified enough to burn down the country out of egotistic and narrow family interests, Reefi said.
After retirement he would travel up and down the country giving talks to railway societies and groups.
These drop boxes are up and down the country and present the perfect opportunity for criminals.
Wyn is delighted to be playing a part in hundreds of Easter Sunday roasts up and down the country.
Instaed, the initiative is part of the bank s promise to determine first hand about its individual client s requirements and the range of issues facing local businesses up and down the country So, Ms Bethencourt swapped her pen for propellers to work under the wing of Stuart Vincent, director of RGV Aviation.
After returning from a long residency in the US, Dave has endlessly toured up and down the country.

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