Down the sound

in the direction of the ebbing tide; toward the sea.

See also: Down

References in classic literature ?
I was scarce back on my rock (where I went always the first thing after I had eaten) before I observed a boat coming down the Sound, and with her head, as I thought, in my direction.
com survey that found almost a quarter of those asked admitted sending texts to someone in a dif-ted dif ferent room asking them to get something or turn down the sound on the TV.
Library plans include tearing down the sound building next door for parking.
Players who want to turn down the sound effects can tap the screen with three fingers simultaneously and unlock the sound effects, which can be changed from 16-bit to 8 bit and back.
They scramble to grab their phone and turn down the sound or pop out an ear bud just to talk with me, which is a pain and isn't safe while riding in a group or navigating through busy streets," said Lou.
Sitting in your pyjamas while answering a few emails and turning down the sound on This Morning when the boss calls.
NOISY neighbours are being targeted in a Teesside event which will urge people to turn down the sound.
The Sun quoted Broad, as saying: "I find it hard to watch on TV because you can't do anything about it - I turn down the sound.
Which band were told to turn down the sound atT in the Park for fear they would drown out Coldplay?
Myself and my wife were watching the Late Late Show and when she heard the bangs she told me to turn down the sound on the TV.
Among the tackled rules: restaurants and pubs with loud music will start turning down the sound at 12 pm and will close at 1 am on weekdays, while they will turn down the sound at 1 am and close at 2 am on weekends.
Turning down the sound volume on vacuums proved to be a significant trend at the Housewares Show.