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n. pl. dox·ies Archaic
1. A female lover; a mistress.
a. A woman prostitute.
b. A woman who is regarded as sexually promiscuous.

[Perhaps from obsolete Dutch docke, doll.]


(ˈdɒksɪ) or


n, pl doxies
(Theology) opinion or doctrine, esp concerning religious matters
[C18: independent use of -doxy as in orthodoxy, heterodoxy]


n, pl doxies
archaic slang a prostitute or mistress
[C16: probably from Middle Flemish docke doll; compare Middle Dutch docke doll]


(ˈdɒk si)

n., pl. dox•ies.
1. a mistress.
2. a prostitute.
[1520–30; of obscure orig.]


- Can mean "mistress, sweetheart."
See also related terms for mistress.
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Noun1.doxy - a woman who cohabits with an important mandoxy - a woman who cohabits with an important man
kept woman, mistress, fancy woman - an adulterous woman; a woman who has an ongoing extramarital sexual relationship with a man
odalisque - a woman slave in a harem
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