Draconian code

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a code of laws made by Draco. Their measures were so severe that they were said to be written in letters of blood; hence, any laws of excessive rigor.

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But for the ordinary men who played the game, posters on the wall of every club - detailing union's draconian code - warned them that even talking to a rugby league scout would mean a life ban from the union game.
'Instead of imposing a draconian code of conduct, they should try to convince students by giving them logical arguments,' he suggests.
The colonialists put the area under the draconian code of Frontier Crimes Regulations (FCR).
Hittite Code of the Fourteenth Century also had the death penalty so was Draconian Code of Athens in Seventh Century B.C which made the death the only punishment for all crimes.
In fact, the Draconian code suggested execution as the punishment for most misbehaviour.