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p. p. & a.1.Dreaded.
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He added that DRAD believes the Department is "one of the first federal agencies to offer self-defense training for this often-overlooked demographic."
One way HR does this is through its new Office of Accessibility and Accommodation (HR/OAA), which centralizes disability policies and services, and encompasses DRAD and its services.
resolude at last To make a God of me: Thencefoorth a God I am, of birdes And theeues most drad, you see.
(NASDAQ: DRAD) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire all the outstanding equity of Project Rendezvous Holding Corp., the ultimate parent company of DMS Health Technologies, Inc.
To celebrate the occasion, the Department is hosting a series of events centered on disability issues, including a monthly ADA Speaker Series, disability recruitment events, a screening of the documentary "The Great Fight for Disability Rights" and museum displays, spearheaded by the Office of the Special Advisor on International Disability Rights (SAIDR), Disability Action Group (DAG), Office of Civil Rights (S/OCR) and Bureau of Human Resource's Disability/Reasonable Accommodations Division (DRAD).
The Disability/Reasonable Accommodations Division (DRAD)in the Bureau of Human Resources, launched in 2009, provides disabled employees with the adaptations that allow them to meet the essential functions of their job.
(NASDAQ: DRAD) has acquired mobile diagnostic imaging provider MD Office Solutions, Inc.
Supervisors should contact the Selective Placement Coordinator in the Disability and Reasonable Accommodation Division (DRAD) for additional information.
* If a manager receives a request for a reasonable accommodation from an employee or becomes aware of an employee's apparent need for a reasonable accommodation, the manager should contact the Disability/Reasonable Accommodation Division (DRAD) within the Bureau of Human Resources' Office of Employee Relations for guidance.
Strategic planning for this endeavor is led by the Disability Reasonable Accommodation Division (DRAD), which since its establishment in October 2009 has been the Department's centralized resource for assisting applicants and employees with reasonable accommodations, hiring more persons with disabilities and fostering a more inclusive culture for employees with disabilities.
Ron Cruz, Lewallen's supervisor and chief of HR's Conduct, Suitability and Discipline Division, said that because his office has a perpetual need for resources, "It was an obvious win-win move to provide a meaningful opportunity for William to make an impact here in our division while also helping to promote career and internship opportunities for people with disabilities here at the State Department." For more information on WRP, contact DRAD at SelectivePlacement@state.gov.
I am confident that, as more hiring managers and employees become aware of the Schedule A hiring authority and the resources available in DRAD, we will continue to be successful in promoting the Department as a model employer and in recruiting, hiring and retaining persons with disabilities.