imp.1.of Dread.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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After setting up shop in Westminster in 1476 Caxton had made sure to indicate that the works that issued from his printing shop, from romances like The History of Jason (1477) and Godfrey of Boloyne (1481), to his volume of Cicero, were written "vnder the vmbre and shadowe of the noble proteccion of our moost dradde soue-uerayne and naturel liege lord." (17) Nevertheless, "once Caxton had begun to reach a larger public, patrons became less important to him.
(24.) Chapters VIII, "Of the observaunces and the lawe that a good prynce ought to holde"; IX, "Houghe a good prynce ought to be resembled to a good shepherde"; X "Yet of the same"; XI "The loue that the good prince ought to haue to his subiectys"; XXI, "Houghe a good prynce notwithstondyng that he be debenoir and meke ought to be dradde and doubted"; XXVIII, "Houghe euery good prynce ought to be diligent to occupie himself in the necessiteis of his londe or realme."
10) Alas what habundance was somme tymes in the royames / & what prosperite / in which was Iustyce, and euery man in his offyce contente / how stood the cytees that tyme in worship & renome, how was renomed the noble royame of englond alle the world dradde hit and spake worshyp of hit.
The King our moste dradde Souveraine Lord calling unto his blissed