Drag line

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1.(Aëronautics) A guide rope.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Where the Portsmouth plant is set up with melting in the center feeding the two vertical molding lines, a cope and drag line, and two automated horizontal molding lines, New Boston is set up linearly, with product moving from one end of the plant to the other on conveyors and monorails.
'What a lot of people don't realize is a pasture is full of spiders munching away on things, and what they tend to do is move around by releasing a drag line of silk to help them in case they fall,' he explained.
The drag line would enable me to corral him quickly if necessary.
Due to such location of the second drag line it works with the maximum radius and unloading height, arranging overburden breeds in the developed space.
The contractor, Pacific International Inc., "plans to build a long access ramp in order to drag line dredge the adjacent coral reef to obtain the enormous amount of fill needed for the land reclamation," Dean Jacobson, a marine ecologist leading opposition to the excavation, told Environment News Service.
Three tenders for the supply of (a) spare parts for a Drag Line unit of 380 W model, (b) two drive assembly for a Euclid dumper of 314 TD R 35 model, also (c) one Alison transmission for Euclid dumper of the same model.
As far as reel choice goes, my bowfishing cronies and I prefer the AMS Retriever Reel for its lightweight design, zero drag line payout, and storage bottle that holds 25 yards of high-test bowfishing line.
The buck followed a Golden Estrous doe urine drag line straight in to Keitzer's stand.
It was small and never had a drag line. Workers pushed the trucks on dollies from one station to the next.
Today, before dawn, they had set out in a carefully organised drag line, combing the plateau's gullies and blind spots, driving the sheep and horses together towards the fences.