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n. pl.1.(Pharmacy) Sugar-coated medicines.
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Carl also sells coating and polishing pans to produce chocolatecovered raisins, clusters and hard-shelled dragees.
Marriott Cafe Bakery's Crown of Confidence and Decadence is a tiara made of moist chocolate cake, salted caramel chocolate ganache, rolled fondant, silver dragees, isomalt blue stone and handmade pastillage, for P205 a slice.
Divan Patisserie will offer its customers special flavours with an innovative approach, with their range of products not only limited to Turkish delights but to also include chocolates infused with pistachios, almonds, coffee, coconut, truffles, macaroons in never-before tasted flavours and chocolate-covered dragees.
It creates a long-lasting high gloss on the surface of chocolate dragees in a short time - even under difficult polishing conditions.
Alors que pour le fameux dreze, il faut faire une chaine de plusieurs metres pour acheter cet assortiment compose de chocolat, de bonbons, de fruits secs, de dragees et de pates de fruits.
Consumers perceive Promedico's product Nerven Dragees as effective and safe, due to herbal ingredients that are considered to have a calming effect, such as passion fruit and valerian root.
In keeping with a theme of gold and pink, even strawberries and truffles were dipped in white and pink chocolate and sprinkled with gold dragees.
During a recent competition I had in Davao City called Big Bite Davao, I was treated to an afternoon of judging a competition that featured creations made of this old-fashioned dragees or tablea.
They were filled with sugar-coated chocolate drops known as dragees.
In-house made sweets available at MUSE include macarons, marzipan, loukoum and dragees.
Mais auparavant, la mere de la mariee aura ramene le [beaucoup moins que]ftour[beaucoup plus grand que] compose le plus souvent d'un grand plat de couscous decore d'oeufs, de bonbons et de dragees.
Carefully place edible silver dragees, or two miniature chocolate chips, into each meringue ghost.