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n. pl.1.(Pharmacy) Sugar-coated medicines.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Khalafzade reminded that the Can-Pa products, Turkish delight, marmalade, dragees, and other locally made sweets are currently presented at the UZPRODEXPO food exhibition, being held in Tashkent.
However, the FT-IR technique was more sensitive as the classification of dragees that the technique XRD.
[beaucoup moins que] Le Ferfacha et le couscous aux dragees est tres repute chez nous d'ou sa preparation sur place pour le faire decouvrir du grand public algerien [beaucoup plus grand que], se felicite t-il.
Carl also sells coating and polishing pans to produce chocolatecovered raisins, clusters and hard-shelled dragees.
A thin layer of sand covered the gallery's terrazzo floor, while ostrich-size chalk eggs and purple sachets of white dragees were arranged atop fragrant bales of hay.
Local consumption of French confectionery, from jam, 'dragees' to chocolate truffle, has been increasing lately, making it a strong point of attraction at the festival.
Marriott Cafe Bakery's Crown of Confidence and Decadence is a tiara made of moist chocolate cake, salted caramel chocolate ganache, rolled fondant, silver dragees, isomalt blue stone and handmade pastillage, for P205 a slice.
Divan Patisserie will offer its customers special flavours with an innovative approach, with their range of products not only limited to Turkish delights but to also include chocolates infused with pistachios, almonds, coffee, coconut, truffles, macaroons in never-before tasted flavours and chocolate-covered dragees. Spread across 150 sqm, the latest addition to their boutique stores around the world, the Dubai Mall branch boasts a modish yet royal ambiance, providing a sophisticated and delicious break to all the shopaholics.
It creates a long-lasting high gloss on the surface of chocolate dragees in a short time - even under difficult polishing conditions.
Panagrotikos said that three more Cypriot agricultural products are in the EC's list of PGI, the Paphos sausage, and the Yeroskipou 'Loukoumi' (delight), and 'Koufeta Amygdalou' (almond dragees).
Consumers perceive Promedico's product Nerven Dragees as effective and safe, due to herbal ingredients that are considered to have a calming effect, such as passion fruit and valerian root.