Dragon's tail

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(Astron.) the descending node of a planet, indicated by the symbol . See Dragon's head (above).
- Stormonth.

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So signal is the failure of all attempts to make this separation of the good from the tax, that the experiment would not be tried,--since to try it is to be mad,--but for the circumstance, that when the disease began in the will, of rebellion and separation, the intellect is at once infected, so that the man ceases to see God whole in each object, but is able to see the sensual allurement of an object and not see the sensual hurt; he sees the mermaid's head but not the dragon's tail, and thinks he can cut off that which he would have from that which he would not have.
For Rajesh, a waterfall is 'silk cascading down the mountainside', stairs become 'a row of fallen dominos' and the Great Wall of China is 'a dragon's tail pulled across the peaks.' Wonderful imagery!
Rat Tail is an heirloom variety grown for pods, while Dragon's Tail is a new variety.
5| Kenneth Cobonpue's futuristic Dragon's Tail table lamp ($810) was inspired by childhood tales about the auspicious power of dragons and taps into the Japanese art of origami for maximum impact.
A wreath of daffodils and iris was placed at the base of the memorial column at Zeebrugge, at the top of which is a sculpture of St George shown "twisting the dragon's tail".
The thug, who had a dragon's tail tattoo stretching from his forearm to his finger, grabbed her round the neck, shouting 'give me your jewels'.
I think the static shield at the centre of the coin gives a contrast to the beast, with the dragon's tail and claws curling around the shield giving the design a sense of movement.
For our last two stops, we're going to zoom far to the west, into the dragon's tail. Find Alpha ([alpha]) Draconis and sweep 4[degrees] west to Otto Struve 123 (O[SIGMA] 123).
The idea of dragon's tail as a delicacy, which seems to be original to Tolkien, is also found in Farmer Giles of Ham (22-23).
The favorites for the evening include Beijing Beauty (vodka, passion fruit, strawberry, lime and simple syrup), Dragon's Tail, Yin Yang, Luck-T-ini (martini with a twist to bring you luck and prosperity in the New Year) and Shandong Mary (Asian twist to the classic Bloody Mary).
Breakfast on a Dragon's Tail and Other Book Bites is a creativity-stimulating take on the children's picturebook.
Mercury hangs onto the dragon's tail and hitches a ride to help send out CVs, emails and make a few calls.