Dragon fish

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(Zool.) the dragonet.

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A Chicago chef has been sentenced to probation for trying to buy 24 coveted dragon fish for his home aquarium and for a friend in violation of the federal Endangered Species Act.
Known as the long yu, or "dragon fish" in Chinese, it reigns as one of the world's most expensive aquarium fish, selling for anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.
And we see the magical light produced by glow-worms, plankton, a bioluminescent millipede and a rare dragon fish. Stunning.
With stunning footage, captured on hi-tech new cameras, David reveals the secrets and we see the magical light produced by the likes of glow worms, plankton, a bioluminescent millipede and a rare dragon fish. Stunning.
Looking for Blue Dragon Fish Sauce or Albers Quick Grits?
Mediacle manages affiliate programme for a number of online and mobile casino brands from Nektan, Dragon Fish, Probability, GTECH and Progress Play.
Yangon, Myanmar -- A dragon fish with intricate, maze-like markings on every scale, a frog with rough, chocolate-colored skin and a ginger plant are among more than two dozen flora and fauna species found in Myanmar since it emerged from a half-century of military rule and isolation.
A form of animal armour, called 'dragon fish', slender and spiked, is regarded as having one of the sturdiest and most flexible forms.
All of the so-called arowanas or dragon fish are expensive, but unusually colored ones may fetch ten times or more the price of normally colored ones.
Further you dream any kind of fish, in fact it has 4000 varieties of fishes - Butterfly fish, Fighter Fish, Angelfish, Red Parrot, Neon Tetra, Sword Tail, Gold Snail, Discus, Dragon Fish, Zebra Fish, Archer, Silver Arowana, Dalmation Molly and so on and so forth.
But the Weever fish, or Dragon fish as it is sometimes known, can inflict quite a lot of pain for their size.