Dragon fly

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(Zool.) any insect of the family Libellulidæ. They have finely formed, large and strongly reticulated wings, a large head with enormous eyes, and a long body; - called also mosquito hawks. Their larvæ are aquatic and insectivorous.

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Jefferson Starship's hit albums include "Dragon Fly" from 1974, "Red Octopus" from 1975, "Spitfire" from 1976 and "Earth" from 1978.
The Dragon Fly has 20 teens in the age group 14 to 18 who will be monitored by experienced paddlers.
Elsewhere on the Newmarket card, CARENOT can keep the William Haggas bandwagon rolling in the fillies' handicap (2.50), while SWEET DRAGON FLY gets the vote in the sprint handicap (2.15).
The buyer from Cheylesmore has already sat for around 30 hours at Dragon Fly Tattoo Studio in The Chesils.
Rays illuminate the Dragon fly, such vivid greeny blues.
Cai-Shen Dragon Fly Corporation signed a lease with an option to purchase agreement from Squirrel Tree Resort LLC for the property commonly known as the Squirrel Tree Resort and Motel at 15251 Highway 2, Leavenworth (Coles Corner).
Sir Gordon Richards, on Rashleigh, came round the bend with two horses between him and the rails - Garter (Bill Rickaby, Lester's cousin) and Dragon Fly (Doug Smith).
So get a jumpstart with these nature inspired designs from the label We adore the star fish shaped gold bangle and the dragon fly inspired earrings.
PRICKLY HEAT: This fearless hedgehog, above, was captured on camera by Chris Marshall on a very hot night in the back garden of his home in Saltburn; GREY SKIES: Mike Cairns of Norton photographed this ship leaving the River Tees at South Gare, above; NEWBORN: Jennifer Housam of Brotton photographed this dragon fly, above, after watching the larvae grow in her pond; FEEDING TIME: This blue tit, left, feeding its young was captured on camera in the back garden of David Hinson of Marton
My ambition is to see the Welsh Dragon fly high over the high jump podium at Melbourne.