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Noun1.Dragunov - a sniper rifle with a telescopic sight
precision rifle, sniper rifle - an extremely powerful rifle developed for the military; capable of destroying light armored vehicles and aircraft more than a mile away
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The alleged recruiter is described as a member of a Hizbollah branch operating in Bahrain and is accused of funding the 21-year-old's trip, during which he allegedly learnt how to use a AK47, Dragunov sniper rifle, a PK 7.
62mm Dragunov and what appears to be, in one video at least, one of the variants of the U.
The PO 4x24mm is a commercial version of the famous PSO-1 sniper scope developed for the SVD Dragunov, so it will appeal to many shooters and collectors.
He said he has the necessary funds for the trip but lamented that he does not have $1,000 to purchase a Kanas, the Turkish name for a Dragunov sniper rifle.
In size, shape and general appearance, they remind me of the magazines for a Dragunov, but even bigger.
Apart from the 14 in-game existing characters, two characters named Hwoarang and Dragunov have been included in the upgrade from the previous versions of Tekken.
A Rebel sniper takes aim at government forces with his Dragunov SVD rifle from a house in the Syrian eastern city of Deir Ezzor
Coming to sniper rifles, the existing Dragunov sniper rifle is outdated, has no bipods and doesn't have a suitable sighting system, said an infantry officer.
AK47 and Dragunov guns in hand, his team of four security men patrol the ship, keeping an eye out for pirate boats who pose a threat to their vessel.
As a Republican Guard defector returns from the front with his Dragunov sniper rifle in hand, fellow fighters surround him and shower him with praise, asking whether he was back from "hunting".
Twenty-six AK-74 rifles and one Dragunov rifle were stolen from the weapons storage area of a supply warehouse on Fort Irwin Army Post.
Players can choose between a huge arsenal of weapons such as the Steyr AUG, the FAMAS, the M79 or even the Dragunov Sniper Rifle.