Drainage tube

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(Surg.) a tube introduced into a wound, etc., to draw off the discharges.

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And now it's antiseptics and drainage tubes, I suppose.
The drainage tube was removed when the drainage volume decreased to 0.
Specialist thoracic surgeon Dr Khaldoon Abo Dakka joined Dr Abraham to help insert a drainage tube into the chest cavity to drain out the pus and expand the child's lungs back again.
We suspected hepatic cyst infection and placed an ultrasound-guided drainage tube, by which we obtained [approximately equal to] 100 mL of purulent liquid.
It is an easy and safe technique with very limited entry into the abdominal wall, but drawbacks include a 1 -month longer waiting period and the need of pancreatic enzyme supplementation as long as the drainage tube is present (6).
The peritoneal drainage tube was placed in the pancreatic bed, and its patency was maintained by slow infusion with normal saline during the 2-3-week postoperative period depending on the characteristics and amylase levels of the drainage fluid.{Figure 1}
Police said she was working in the intensive care unit and two days before the incident was harshly reprimanded after misplacing an abdominal drainage tube. They are continuing their investigation.
On the third postoperative day, clear liquid with a volume of 70 mL in 24 h and an amylase concentration of 3798 U/L was drained from a drainage tube in the splenic fossa.
On the other hand, in our study, the average time needed for removal of the T-tube was between 14 and 16 days, and during this time patients were still admitted in the hospital according to protocols that do not allow patients to go home with any abdominal drainage tube.
The guiding wire was turned at least one rotation, and a pernasal bile drainage tube of 5 Fr pigtail type (Flexima Nasobiliary Catheter, Boston Scientific Corporation) was placed in the gallbladder (Figures 2).
We resected the hematoma and lavaged the space fully, followed by the placement of a drainage tube.
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