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(Placename) a mountain range in southern Africa, extending through Lesotho, E South Africa, and Swaziland. Highest peak: Thabana Ntlenyana, 3482 m (11 425 ft). Sotho name: Quathlamba


(ˈdrɑ kənzˌbɜrg)

a mountain range in the E Republic of South Africa: highest peak, 10,988 ft. (3350 m). Also called Quathlamba.
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Ingula is situated 55km from Ladysmith (20km northeast of Van Reenens Pass), within the Drakensberg range, on the border between the Free State and KwaZulu-Natal.
Both are situated in Limpopo Province but are part and parcel of the northern Drakensberg range as opposed to the more northern Soutpansberg complex.
19 At over 11,100 feet, Njesuthi, in the Drakensberg range, is the highest peak in which country?
In the north and east, along the border with South Africa's province of KwaZulu Natal, runs the Drakensberg range (or "mountain of the dragon") whose high cliffs and harsh rugged terrain make access to Lesotho in that part of the country extremely difficult.