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(Placename) a mountain range in southern Africa, extending through Lesotho, E South Africa, and Swaziland. Highest peak: Thabana Ntlenyana, 3482 m (11 425 ft). Sotho name: Quathlamba


(ˈdrɑ kənzˌbɜrg)

a mountain range in the E Republic of South Africa: highest peak, 10,988 ft. (3350 m). Also called Quathlamba.
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About eight hours from Cairo, you can explore the vibrant culture and difficult history of apartheid at Johannesburg, take surfing lessons in Cape Town or trek the Drakensburg mountains.
On the programme we are doing a five-day trek in the Drakensburg Mountains, which can count towards a Gold Duke of Edinburgh award," said Hannah.
In South Africa it grows wild in the Northern Drakensburg Mountains.
Held in the rain soaked Drakensburg mountains, the vendor parades have been a great success, with South African participants able to engage in robust and open technical discussions with the vendors as well as among themselves.
PRETORyA (CyHAN)- A South African military aircraft has crashed into the Drakensburg Mountains in the eastern region of the country, killing 11 people.
As if snaking through the Drakensburg mountains in South Africa is not arduous enough, Malcolm Piper is hoping to achieve the feat on a low-powered Enduro motorcycle.
Harry and Smiling Ubisi, two brothers from Hluvukani village in the foothills of the Drakensburg mountains in Mpumalanga Province are making concrete steps toward improving and giving hope to their rural community with their Kunavelela Community Project.
We'll be cycling through the Golden Gate National Park and then hiking and climbing in the Drakensburg Mountains.
It has great beaches, lots of seafood and Indian restaurants, game parks, and is in close proximity to the Drakensburg Mountains as well as the countries of Lesotho, Swaziland and the latest hot destination and investment opportunity, Mozambique.
A week of driving has already revealed the rolling yellow hills bordering Swaziland, the roaring Indian Ocean off Durban, the incredible Drakensburg Mountains and the incomparable wildlife.
The Mercedes Sprinter bus was winding through treacherous roads near the Drakensburg mountains in Kwa-Zulu, Natal, when mentally disturbed Miya made his death leap.