Dravidian languages

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a group of languages of Southern India, which seem to have been the idioms of the natives, before the invasion of tribes speaking Sanskrit. Of these languages, the Tamil is the most important; Telegu, Malayalam, and Kannada are included. These languages are distinct from the Indo-European family of languages.

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Kurux belongs to the Dravidian family of languages, say Kobayashi and Tirkey, and forms a close subgroup with Malto.
Andronov, the Russian Linguist, states that 'Tulu has emerged as an independent language from the Proto-Dravidian family, 2000 years back.' (M.S.Andronov: Dravidian Languages, 1970.) Robert Caldwell, another Linguist had clearly stated, 'Tulu is one of the most highly developed languages of Dravidian family of languages and has an equal place among the languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada'.
Belonging to the Dravidian family of languages, Tulu was highly praised by the Victorian linguists such as Robert Caldwell (1856) who said: "Tulu is one of the most developed languages of the Dravidian family.