Draw bridge

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The Coast Guard regulates draw bridge operations and bridge design over navigable waters in the United States.
Europe can pull up the draw bridge and starve within its own borders.
Glasses were round and wire-framed, hearing aid bulbous and flesh-coloured, with a cord thick enough to pull down a draw bridge.
No way Gisele lowers the draw bridge after this performance.
The adjustable work station works like a draw bridge with 7 strand 550 cord straps on both sides with locking slider providing the desired height and durability.
At first glance, the restaurant looks more like a castle surrounded by a moat and a draw bridge inviting guests into the unknown.
CLEAN-UP BEGINS Workers try to move boats and debris from the New Jersey Transit's Morgan draw bridge
I had more time to think about the matter as we got stuck on the boat for some time near a draw bridge not far from those towns.