Drawing pen

a pen for ruling lines having a pair of blades between which the ink is contained.

See also: Pen

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Xact's 3D Stereo Doodler Drawing Pen might be a handy tool for construction professionals that want to to experiment with 3D modelling without spending a fortune on it.
The 'Organic Form' series (drawing pen on neutral acid free paper) is a worthy testimony to the observation.
Ann Telnaes, the most brilliant and most caustic Trump caricaturist, is of Swedish stock and Jen Sorensen, whose drawing pen is a Viking spear, descends from Denmarkians.
An interactive display tablet with drawing pen provides an easy way to label and reference coronary anatomy.
The Galleria Residences, fully integrated within the Robinsons Galleria Cebu Complex, is set to be another shining testament to the visionary drawing pen of John Gokongwei - the magnate at the helm of the JG Summit Holdings conglomerate.
My parents used to joke that I was born with a drawing pen in my hand.
When the pencil drawing is complete a black drawing pen is used to go over the initial drawing, with the aim of a continuous and flowing line.
18: TRAVEL MAGNA DOODLE: Age 3+: Magna Doodle makes drawing fun for children and comes equipped with a magnetic drawing pen and a sliding eraser.
Cartoonist trades drawing pen for writing pen to defend work on gay bash killing
With a series of lines from his drawing pen, he has captured the distinct characteristics of the theater's luminaries, transposing rough sketches, usually done during preopening rehearsals, to the final product, executed from the barber chair that dominates his studio.
For the last color shade I use black India ink and a mechanical drawing pen. You could use a small fine-tipped paintbrush, but I have better control with the pen.