Drawn battle

one in which neither party gains the victory.
- Thackeray.

See also: Battle

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
It was a drawn battle, and corps law requires that drawn battles shall be refought as soon as the adversaries are well of their hurts.
So, to make a sort of drawn battle of the matter, it was settled that Heinel should be put into an open boat, that lay on the sea-shore hard by; that the father should push him off with his own hand, and that he should thus be set adrift, and left to the bad or good luck of wind and weather.
They accepted with alacrity, repaired to the pier, and gained--their share of a drawn battle. Several bruised and bloody members of both parties were carried off by the police and imprisoned until the following morning.
It was a regular drawn battle. I again held out my hand when I left the room, she gave me hers; it was a small and white hand, but how cool!
The laugh and the cry, meeting each other thus abruptly, had a struggle for the mastery; the result was, that it was a drawn battle, and Miss La Creevy went into hysterics.
The result was a series of drawn battles. Every day Rusty and Joseph fought at sight.
The already drawn battle lines will get starker in coming days as Khanistas will defend their idol-god from all the fire and brimstone hurled by enemies of their faith.
In other words, was India concurrently wading into a 'nuclear-contaminated irregular war within Pakistan' setting the stage for a long drawn battle'?
Then, in the refurbishment of Westminster, may I suggest they rip out the outdated debating chamber with its drawn battle lines, and build one which has members sitting in a non-aggressive manner like the semi-circular Scottish Parliament.
It was a long drawn battle which eventually proved a disaster for the Mughal.
"As soon as the Enemy perceived Rogers Party flanking upon'm," Rea explained, "they [French and Natives] retreated carrying off their dead and wounded what they cou'd, our men pursued them not but took care of their Dead & wounded & came off so that it seems rather a Drawn Battle than either party victorious." Captain Dalyell later informed Major-General Abercromby that Rogers "acted the whole time with great calmness and officer like." The accolades continued as Abercromby reported back to British Prime Minister Pitt that "Rogers deserved much to be commended," thus, increasing the fame of Rogers and his Rangers in Europe.
In 2016 Stirling Council also appeared to have drawn battle lines with the landowner over his bid to divert a pathway that runs through his estate and replace it with an alternative path.