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adv.1.In a dreamy manner.
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The true life takes place when were alone, thinking, feeling, lost in memory, dreamingly self-aware, the submicroscopic moments" (17).
While nearly starving Romanians were struggling to stretch their monthly food rations, they listened dreamingly and wistfully to stories about the West, the true Wonderland where "there were bluejeans and oranges, soft toys for children and portable TVs for fathers and whisper-thin nylons and real mascara for mothers.
For they have a message to take into your heart Carry it with you 'if' you have to part, Then with future that seems laden with fear Feel love and compassion, 'ever so dear', Your journey then onward oblivious of pain, Dreamingly drifting down memories' sweet lane, Meeting 'all' who have loved you, With no care and no blame.