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A dreamlike scene or picture having surreal qualities.

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Group CEO and managing director, Mark Evans, said, Dreamscapes first-half results reflected a period of substantial transition.
The Insomia Poems, by Guyanese-British poet Grace Nichols, is a slow, deliriously enchanting stroll through many dreamscapes.
This hugely ambitious thriller cuts back and forth between the dreamscapes with flair, twisting and turning until the final frame.
Kids can decide for themselves which world they prefer as they explore the imaginative dreamscapes of Leif Parsons' delightful alternate world.
The show also featured her soft art, functional pieces such as one-of-a-kind lamps, furniture and dividers with her signature watercolor dreamscapes.
A programme of talks and other events runs alongside Tim Walker: Dreamscapes which is on until September 1.
But there will also be actual films, including the artist's first, as well as three small publications to round out this run of nightclub-illuminated dreamscapes lurid enough to give Michael Mann nightmares.
three things you mustn't miss tonight Hjaltalin The Norwegian Church, Cardiff Tickets: pounds 5 Swn presents Arcade Fire-like dreamscapes from this Icelandic eight-piece Tel: 029 2087 8444 Colours Of One The Barfly, Cardiff Tickets: pounds 5 Hook-laden rock from a Welsh band picking up big plaudits for their ferocious live shows Tel: 029 2039 6589 The Rocky Horror Show The New Theatre, Cardiff Tickets: pounds 8-pounds 27.
Features include three-part harmonies, photo galleries, Dreamscapes and the ability to play with up to six bandmates.
I get as much of a thrill brushing pigments onto water and paper as I did when I was nine years old, because it flows from my heart and makes dreamscapes of creativity as satisfying as any human endeavor.
The flux could just be a sign the great design simplicity that has ruled at recent markets will give way in future months to a sea of colorful dreamscapes.
The exhibition, called Dreamscapes, opened last night at the MW Gallery in Aspen, Colorado.