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v. i.1.To drain.
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Afrikaans original Krog's English translation ek krap verwaterde ghwelle I dig rennets from the sink uit die opwasbak-propsif sieve oats and rinds burp into sodat hawermoutwater en the drain outside the window swoerd kan uitburp in die the nappy liners are being stunk drein voor die venster die out into the toilet nappyliners word ingeaas [.
En grant houre de la tempeste K'en mer feseit si grant moleste, 868 Par la tormente sunt chaciez Nefs estranges e travailliez; Une hore aval, un' autre amunt, Tant cum tut dreit venues sunt 872 En cel havene, puis al drein [Fol.
Die Ritter schauten mutig drein, Und in den Schoss die Schonen.
Tenders are invited for Providing And Laying Of Pevar Block Floringwork And Repairing Of Drein Infrunt Of House Nom H-92 59 ,92 36,H-A- 92 49,61,H-92 25 To 36 Utkrash Pateriya House W-31
Tenders are invited for Construction of under ground rcc pipe drein at ward no 1 kelwad
38) A remarkably similar drawing--'A Plan of the Water Pipes and Dreins at Wimpole, with the House, Offices, Church &c.