p. p.1.Drenched; drowned.
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description of the procurement: The subject of the public contract is the modernization of the current control and control system (registry control, Belt monitoring, Color control and insetter control system for the drent vision u1133) as a whole, At least with the maintenance of existing functionalities.
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61] Drent M et al reported that no single cell type present in bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid appears to be predictive for sarcoidosis.
Drent,1975- Forming routines and estimated daily food intake in Barnacle geese wintering in the northern Netherlands.
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Cassin's Auklets also have been recorded breeding there, although in relatively small numbers (Young 1931; Drent and Guiguet 1961), with 1000-2000 estimated in 1975 (Summers and Campbell 1978), but none were nesting in 1985 when the last survey was conducted (Rodway and Lemon 1991).
Asimismo, los instrumentos y herramientas utilizadas dentro y fuera del contexto educativo son medios significativos para mejorar el desempeno de los infantes (Aypay, 2010; Biagi & Loi, 2013; Meelissen & Drent, 2008).
No obstante, si hay mayor unanimidad en la conclusion de que los chicos tienen una vision mas acorde al estereotipo y que ellas estan mas dispuestas a considerar que las matematicas o la informatica no son <<masculinas>> y que tambien pueden ser cientificas o tecnologas (Bovee, Voogt y Meelinssen, 2007; Brandell y Staberg, 2008; Johnson, Stone, Phillips, 2008; Meelissen y Drent, 2008; Papastergiou, 2008).
8226; Dennis Drent, specialty insurance company CEO and founder of Drent Advisory Services LLC, an advisory firm specializing in strategic control;
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