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(Dutch ˈdrɛntə)
(Placename) a province of the NE Netherlands: a low plateau, with many raised bogs, partially reclaimed; agricultural, with oil deposits. Capital: Assen. Pop: 481 000 (2003 est). Area: 2647 sq km (1032 sq miles)


(ˈdrɛn tə)

a province in E Netherlands. 436,586; 1011 sq. mi. (2620 sq. km).
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In his 1943 publication Opgravingen in Drente (Excavations in Drenthe) he spoke of more than ten different immigrations in pre- and proto-historical times.
However, with six minutes remaining substitute Apostolos Vellios nodded in Tony Hibbert's cross and Royston Drente added the third deep into injury time, with both players registering their first goals for the club.
John was born in Hoogeveen, Drente, The Netherlands.