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 (trä′pə-nē, -pä-)
A city of northwest Sicily, Italy, on the Mediterranean Sea west-southwest of Palermo. An important Carthaginian naval base, it fell to Rome in 241 bc.


(Italian ˈtraːpani)
(Placename) a port in S Italy, in NW Sicily: Carthaginian naval base, ceded to the Romans after the First Punic War. Pop: 68 346 (2001)


(ˈtrɑ pə ni)

a seaport in NW Sicily. 71,430.
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78} I take all this passage about the Cyclopes having no ships to be sarcastic--meaning, "You people of Drepanum have no excuse for not colonising the island of Favognana, which you could easily do, for you have plenty of ships, and the island is a very good one.
54_ Luego de la derrota sufrida al intentar capturar Drepanum (249 a.
250 in Drepanum (later Helenopolis) in Bithynia, and that her son Constantine the Great was born in Naissus in Moesia Superior in c.